In It to Win It (I hope)

Even Marvin is a little concerned... and he's not even playing anymore.

So as an individual with a freshly-renewed pursuit for standards, I’ve decided that I should reach out to everyone important in my life. Not only should I have standards, but if I want to be successful, everyone in my close personal circle should have some too. It only makes sense. So Colts, consider this your warning.

We’ve been friends now for quite some time. Through the good, the bad, the seemingly endless streak of injuries. I even invited you to my holiday party, and totally understood when you couldn’t show up because you had other plans. But let me be upfront with you: if you lose to the Titans today, this may get ugly. I may have to deny ever knowing you. I’m going to leave now, so that I can get a good seat at the bar to watch the game. Let me just leave you with this last thought: a loss could result in me drowning myself in cheese fries and Guinness at the bar, significantly setting me back on my New Year’s resolution. Do you really want that on your conscious???

Ciao Bella!



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