Brought To You By The Number Four

So this is an odd first post to rejuvenate The Ugly American… Why this movie?

Why bother? Why now? Well, for starters Dianna Argonin it, and she is by no means ugly. So I guess that keeps within the aspirations of The Ugly American – to vicariously be less ugly – while still embracing the ugly. Let’s be honest, this movie probably is going to be a guilty pleasure.


I Am Number Four also reminds me a lot of Heroes: flying guy who’s tragically misunderstood/on someone’s hit list; pretty girl who ends up as a victim due to her love for tragically misunderstood boy and his coincidental hit list status (a la Mary Jane in Spiderman); random appearance of other super-powered individuals who make an entrance with varying degrees of explosions. Let’s just hope I have a lot of male residents next semester, that way I can justify making this movie a program. Three cheers for free movie tickets!

Ciao Bella!

Matteo Yazge


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